Potatoes to Mexico Pt 1

Potatoes to Mexico Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. It’s been decades in the making, but U.S. fresh potatoes recently made their first successful crossing into Mexico on May 11th.

National Potato Council CEO Kam Quarles says it is certainly good news …

QUARLES … “So, these were the first test-shipments that we’ve been able to successfully export into Mexico. There were a few little challenges to iron out, but ultimately the loads were cleared so that was a real positive.”

Quarles says it’s been a long struggle …

QUARLES … “I think, clearly, this is a 25-year-long dispute between the U.S. and Mexico. And the reason its lasted that long is because of some very powerful political interests in Mexico’s domestic potato industry. Those folks

have not gone away. The battlefield is simply changing.”

Now, Quarles says we watch and see if it lasts …

QUARLES … “I think we’ve got to brace ourselves for some challenges here as we get more towards the end of the year and into next year in order to make sure that this isn’t just a temporary type of access, but is actually something that is durable, that’s permanent and both producers in the United States can rely on, but also consumers in Mexico.”

Listen tomorrow for more on the Mexican market for U.S. fresh potatoes and what it means for our potato industry.

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