Climate's FieldView Plus Pt 2

Climate's FieldView Plus Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Managing your farm business is more than just planting, watering and harvesting. And Climate’s FieldView Plus technology helps make all your farm data easy to understand and manage.

Climate’s Austin Horn says that includes our ever-changing weather …

HORN … “That’s absolutely right, and you can’t base your decisions based on one year because it might have been a really wet year, could have been a really dry year.

Climate helps you peal that layer back because what worked in a wet year doesn’t work in a dry year.”

Horn says it brings everything together …

HORN … “Using that data to understand what went according to plan, what went off-script, and how do I manage that better in the future and mitigate that risk. That is really the power of Climate Field View. That’s what it

allows our growers and our customers to do.”

Horn says it helps you understand your surroundings better …

HORN … “Absolutely. Understand how your fields are really existing from a variability standpoint, how they react in different weather patterns and ultimately how your output and profitability react, those are all things that help you to understand.”

Horn says it more than just licking your finger and sticking it in the air …

HORN … “You know, we’ve all got a really good idea. When you’ve been a farmer for a long time or you’ve been at your craft for a long time, obviously you know a lot about your craft. You have a good gut feeling, but there’s nothing more powerful than using the numbers.”

Horn says go check out for more information.

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