Farm Labor Reform Pt 1

Farm Labor Reform Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Maybe more so than in years past, agriculture will be paying close attention to the goings on in Congress as farm labor reform will be on the list of legislative priorities.

Last year, Representative Dan Newhouse says the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, that did passed in the House, ran into a bit of a back up in the Senate …

NEWHOUSE … “Senators were kind of taking their foot off the gas as far as moving our ag labor reform bill because they wanted to see what would happen with the Build Back Better legislation.”

So, Newhouse says there may be options to his labor reform bill …

NEWHOUSE … “That’s kind of on pause unfortunately, in the Senate. So, being in the House and being very, we’re trying to be responsive and get something accomplished here. We’re looking at other pieces of legislation that we could move here in the House that maybe would have a better chance of moving through the Senate.”

But, Newhouse says they could use your help …

NEWHOUSE … “We’re working on it hard. We understand full well the urgency of the situation. I know every grower meeting this winter, this is a huge topic of conversation, and I would just ask all growers around the state, as well as around the country, to let your members of Congress know how important this is to you, how urgent it is and how it is necessary it is for us to move legislation. We’ve got to get this done.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on 2022 ag legislation and the upper-level support they’d like to see.

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