Blue White Robotics Will Make Your Tractor Autonomous

Blue White Robotics Will Make Your Tractor Autonomous

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
It’s time for your Farm of the Future Report. I’m Tim Hammerich.

John Deere made headlines last week unveiling their 8R autonomous tractor last week. But they’re not the only option out there for farmers when it comes to autonomy. They’re not even the first.

Alfi… “We take any of your tractor, no matter what color it is, change it to autonomous and make it work, whether in single or a fleet in any of your permanent crops.”

That’s Ben Alfi, CEO and founder of Blue White Robotics. Him and his team have over 100 years of cumulative autonomous experience that they are now applying to help specialty crop growers convert their existing machinery.

Alfi… “We on our side, we'll retrofit it and we'll connect it. We'll do on job training to the grower. And so we it have Blue White Robotics support all day and all night, for one person or two person operating the whole fleet.”

Alfi says farmers can capture the value of autonomy, but switch back to manual operation at any time.

Alfi… “With a click of a button you move from manual to autonomous. If you want it to drive two miles per hour, it will drive two miles per hour. You can set the speed, you can have all the information from the implement: how much spray has been done, how does it look. So you get full information also on your screen, back home or at the manager’s office. So you can do everything safely and correctly with us, Blue White.”

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