Broilers Production to Rebound in 2022

Broilers Production to Rebound in 2022

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

The Top broiler production states include Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, and North Carolina saw a slight dip in production in 2021.

When the USDA issued its December look for meat production and prices, broiler production forecast was lowered by 100 million pounds from the previous month.

Jekanowski: “As opposed to beef and production for 2021 we’ve seen a relatively slower pace of slaughter so we’ve pulled our broiler production forecast back.

World Agricultural Outlook Board’s Mark Jekanowski with the latest updates.

Jekanowski also turned his attention to next year’s marketing forecast with an eye on broiler production in 2022.

“With strong prices and anticipated tiger supplies and good demand in 2022, we think there’s going to be an incentive for producers to increase broiler production so we’ve raised our broiler production forecast for 2022 by 260-million pounds and that would be a year over year increase of about 770-million pounds.”

Increased prices for broilers are forecast for next year. The price is up over 1 cent year over year.

Poultry is the largest segment of Georgia agriculture. Poultry’s annual contribution to Georgia’s economy from farms, processing, and allied industries amounts to more than $25 billion according to the University of Georgia. In fact, If Georgia were a country, it would be the 7th largest in broiler production.

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