Growth Energy on E15 Pt 1

Growth Energy on E15 Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. When it comes to gasoline, you’ve undoubtedly heard arguments in recent years over E15, which is gasoline that is 85% petroleum and 15% ethanol, or grain alcohol derived from corn.

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says many people aren’t all that familiar with E15, but should be …

SKOR … “Well, it should be something that you could just get at the pump because it is a lower carbon fuel, it’s higher octane so it’s actually better for the engine. It burns cleaner and cooler. You’re using fewer toxic additives and consumers save five to ten cents per gallon. I mean it really is a win, win for the American driver particularly if you want to do something that’s good for the planet.”

Skor says it really seems like a simple choice …

SKOR … “Well, you use this fuel, it’s fewer greenhouse gas emissions and you don’t need a new car to do that. You can use this in the car that you’re driving on the road today. And so, as we talk about larger, bigger, grandiose things to mitigate climate change, this is something that can be used in today’s cars. Every consumer can use it and it’s affordable to all communities and that’s important too.”

So why is this change causing so much controversy? …

SKOR … “You know, we do have a lot of political fights with “big oil” because the more ethanol you’re going to use in the gas tank, the less oil that you’re going to use. So, it’s a competition for a share of the tank.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on Growth Energy’s take on the advantages of E15, or greater blends of gasoline.

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