Biden Tax Plan for Ag Pt 1

Biden Tax Plan for Ag Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. According to Republican Ag leaders, President Biden’s tax plan is full of false promises and his new death tax would be devastating for family farms.

In an effort to break it down several months ago, a Senate Ag leader and Pennsylvania Rep. Glenn Thompson decide to have some experts take a look at the President’s plan …

THOMPSON … “Senator Boozman and I called for an analysis and we reached out to the great team at the Texas A&M Agriculture Food and Policy Center and asked the really do a deep dive and analysis on this tax proposal. And we took the Democrats own words.”

The results, Thompson says weren’t good …

THOMPSON … “This report was released in June and its been helpful in this debate because it reveals that 92 of the 94 farms included in the study would have an increased tax liability of $720,000 if the Biden Administration’s plan were put into effect.”

But so far, Thompson says … no reaction …

THOMPSON … “President Biden either doesn’t understand or worse, doesn’t care about this devastating financial impact this new death tax would have on farm families.”

Many Democrats, Thompson says seem to get it …

THOMPSON … “We’ve had a number of my Democratic colleague’s haves spoken out against this tax scheme and I can’t plead with them enough to practice what they’ve been preaching and support farm families by opposing what is a reckless plan rather than falling in line with Speaker Pelosi and her marching orders.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on the President’s tax plan.

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