AGH Nest Found Pt 2

AGH Nest Found Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Scientists from the Washington Department of Agriculture are using a lot their resources right now studying last week’s find of the first Asian Giant Hornet nest, on private property near the Canadian border east of Blaine.

The Ag Department’s Karla Salp says the nest finding came about a week after three hornets were tagged …

SALP … “One of our trackers, we tagged three and we’ve recovered two trackers. One we have not recovered so there could be other nests out there.”

The nest, Salp says was discovered at the base of a tree …

SALP … “They normally nest in the ground and then occasionally, like last year, in a tree cavity. So, seeing where it was, where the entrance is really very much at the base of the tree, that’s very normal.”

Salp says this finding merely a step in the right direction …

SALP … “Absolutely a step in the right direction. And, one of the things that it really emphasizes for us is that while we can have some effectiveness with our traps, those sightings that people are reporting to us, with a photograph especially, are really just as if not more so effective than the traps.”

So, Salp says remain on the lookout for Asian Giant Hornets …

SALP … “It still remains critically important for people to take photos and report suspected sightings of any Asian Giant Hornets they think they see.”

WSDA entomologists are now developing plans to eradicate the nest, most likely this week.

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