AGH Nest Found Pt 1

AGH Nest Found Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. As you may have heard by now, the first Asian Giant Hornet nest of 2021 has been found. This one in a rural area east of Blaine in Whatcom County.

Karla Salp, with the Washington Department of Agriculture, says the nest was found in the base of a tree about a quarter mile from where last week’s sighting of a hornet was made …

SALP … “It is a little hard to tell whether the opening is in the tree itself or in the soil beneath the tree. And, obviously, we were not suited up so nobody’s getting that close to figure it out.”

So before anything else is done with the nest, Salp says it will be studied …

SALP … “Part of it is, now that we know the kind of specifics of what we’re looking at, one of the things that we’re going to be doing is bringing out our thermal imaging camera so we can tell whether the nest is really more underground or more, sort of, in the base of the tree so we can make a plan of attack for actual nest removal.”

But so far, Salp says this finding is really good news …

SALP … “It’s always good news to find a nest and especially at this time of year. This is before we would expect to see reproductive, especially the queens. So, that means if we get rid of this nest in the relative near future we can be guaranteed that there’s no queens emerging from this nest to start other nests next year.”

Listen tomorrow for more on this Asian Giant Hornet nest and why we shouldn’t let down our guard.

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