Cattle in the Drought Pt 2

Cattle in the Drought Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. The drought, along with temps reaching triple-digits recently, has dried out pasture land across the Northwest, creating a big challenge for ranchers trying to feed their livestock.

Washington Cattlemen’s Association Executive Vice President, Ashley House says finding the best way to keep your cattle fed has not been easy …

HOUSE … “So, there’s just a lot of concern that, you know, certainly folks having to feed a lot, which the costs add up on.”

But, House says when everybody is looking for hay and feed, the demand goes up …

HOUSE … “So, as you drive up those input costs, you know, there’s concern. We’re seeing some liquidation of herds a bit, and with fees on slaughter animals aren’t what we would hope or expect so just a lot of challenges and, you know, with the forecast, you always look and hope and pray for rain, but the forecast necessarily isn’t a guarantee.”

And then, House says they turn up the heat …

HOUSE … “The other concern is also, certainly this week, you know, with temperatures expected to reach, you know, triple-digits, heat stress on livestock is also something that we have to plan for from an animal welfare perspective, certainly.”

House says ranchers will be busy keeping up with the feed costs and protecting their animals for the foreseeable future.

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