Two New Washington AVA's Pt 2

Two New Washington AVA's Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Two new AVA’s, American Viticultural Areas, have been designated in Washington state, bringing the total now to 18.

Washington Wine Commission president, Steve Warner says this is great news for the vineyards in these AVA’s …

WARNER … “It is really cool. I mean, a great example, I mean obviously, with White Bluffs is Sagemoor, and there’s all kinds of other vineyards in there that have some vines that have some age on them. So, they’ve been around. I think maybe to your point, this isn’t bare ground where we’re now going to start planting vines. Some of them have vines that are 40+ years old and it really is just more a recognition of that particular area.”

Warner says these are well-established growing areas …

WARNER … “And then, The Burn of Columbia Valley, Mercer Ranches and a lot of the plantings that Chateau Ste. Michelle has done down there as well is another great example.”

Warner says both were previously part of the Columbia Valley AVA …

WARNER … “So, it just allows the consumer to really drill down into those designations and really understand the sense of place and where the grapes come from.”

Warner says it’s really another example of our long-term growth rate …

WARNER … “You look at the compound annual growth rate, you look at the future and the growth potential that we have. We’re roughly 60,000 acres. People think that we can go to as much as 200,00 acres of vines in root.”

Warner says Washington currently has three other areas in line for AVA designation.

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