Asian Giant Hornet Watch Pt 2

Asian Giant Hornet Watch Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. The Asian Giant Hornets could soon be emerging from their nests and the Washington Department of Agriculture is asking for our help in tracking them down.

The DOA’s Karla Salp says our data on the so-called “Murder Hornets” is limited so knowing WHERE they might show up, outside of Whatcom County, is unclear …

SALP … “If we didn’t get all the queens from the nests that we eradicated last year, we don’t know if they would still stay in that area. We don’t know if they would fly a certain distance over winter and then build a nest there, if they would fly a certain distance over winter and then fly even further. They’re capable of flying quite a long way, but how far they WILL fly, we don’t know.”

But, Salp says they

want to hear from anyone who thinks they might see one …

SALP … “So, reporting will be exactly the same as last year. Our preferred method is online at Right at the top there’s a reporting form. You just go there. You can submit a photo, the exact location on a map of where you think you saw it. That’s one of the easiest ways.”

But, Salp says there are other reporting options …

SALP … “People can also submit an email to And, if they do that, you know, again, you can attach a photo. And then, the other thing we need to know is when and where you think you saw it.”

And, there is also a hotline at 800-443-6687.

The agency is not trapping anywhere outside of Whatcom County, but they are encouraging everyone in nearby counties to keep a lookout as well.

Again, go to if you have any questions about the Asian Giant Hornets.

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