WAEF Scholarships Pt 1

WAEF Scholarships Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Another year, another outstanding crop of young people from the tree fruit industry are being rewarded with college scholarships from the Washington Apple Education Foundation.

WAEF Executive Director, Jennifer Witherbee says it’s a great time of year for the industry …

WITHERBEE … “We have another really big list of scholarship recipients. We’re so excited to welcome new students. This year we offered 128 scholarships to new students. And then, of course, we’re so excited to see our returning do so well, and we renewed 204 of our 2020 scholarship recipients for additional years.”

Overall, Witherbee says …

WITHERBEE … “In total this year, the industry is supporting, again, over 330 young people from tree fruit growing communities supporting them with over $1-million in scholarships.”

Students from any of the state’s tree fruit growing counties, Witherbee says are eligible …

WITHERBEE … “About 80% of our scholarship recipients, pretty much year after year, are first-generation college students. And, that’s a really important group for our foundation and for the industry to get to support. These are the students of a lot of the men and women that are employed in the labor positions in the industry.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on the latest round of college scholarship from the Washington Apple Education Foundation.

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