WAEF Scholarships Pt 2

WAEF Scholarships Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Over 330 college students from parents who work in the tree fruit industry will share this year in over a million dollars in scholarship funds from the Washington Apple Education Foundation.

WAEF Executive Director, Jennifer Witherbee says the foundation has been providing these scholarships for more than 20 years …

WITHERBEE … “The support from the industry for young people, to have that opportunity to pursue a higher education is so strong. It’s something the industry believes in very deeply.”

That belief, Witherbee says just keeps getting stronger …

WITHERBEE … “We’re in our fourth year now of awarding over a million dollars a year.”

And, Witherbee says it’s not a “one and done” …

WITHERBEE … “Our commitment to our scholarship recipients is if they do their part, if they stay enrolled full time, if they stay committed, they’re passing their classes, that we will be there with them all they way through to graduation. And, that’s what our goal is for students is that they graduate in four or fewer years and they graduate ready to pursue their careers.”

But, Witherbee says for future students …

WITHERBEE … “Actually, our scholarship applications for 2022 opens September 15th. So, we’re not too far away right now from students being able to start the next scholarship application. All of that is on our website www.waef.org. We have a scholarships tab and that’s where students and parents can learn about the scholarship opportunities.”

Again, that’s www.waef.org for more on the Washington Apple Education Foundation scholarships.

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