Syngenta's #RootedinAg Contest Pt 1

Syngenta's #RootedinAg Contest Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Have you ever felt like telling the story of the person who inspired your life in agriculture? Well, Syngenta has the perfect way in their #RootedinAg Contest.

Syngenta’s Pam Caraway says it’s a great way to honor that special someone in your life …

CARAWAY … “This is the eighth year that we’ve been sponsoring the #RootedinAg Contest, I guess hosting it. This is our program and it’s designed to recognize mentors to folks in Ag, but it’s also a way for us to share Ag’s story because we share this within agriculture and also outside of Ag.”

Caraway says this is open to really anyone in Agriculture …

CARAWAY … “So we get submissions from across the industry, from on-farm, from Ag teachers, from consultants, from everybody in the Ag industry, has somebody who impacted their career path.”

So, how can you take part …

CARAWAY … “So to enter all you have to do is go online to and fill out a short entry form, and write a paragraph or two. We’re looking for about 200 words, and describe the person who most inspired you. And then ad a photograph to the entry and submit it.”

Again, that’s

Tune in tomorrow and find out what you could win.

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