Research WA Wine Pt 1

Research WA Wine Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Wine research in Washington continues to get a financial boost from the Washington State Wine Commission.

The Wine Commission’s Research Director, Melissa Hansen says they’ve once again awarded more than a million dollars in research grants through the statewide grape and wine research program …

HANSEN … “This is our fifth year in a row that we’ve hit the million dollar-plus mark which says a lot because the wine industry’s very dedicated and committed to supporting research.”

The funding, Hansen says actually goes in a couple of different directions …

HANSEN … “And so, we sort of have two tracks to do that. We have a partnership with WSU, Washington State University, that has an ongoing program where we are one of the funders, we are not the only ones. So, that kind of funds all of the in-state projects.”

The other, Hansen says helps with research at the smaller schools …

HANSEN … “And then, the Wine Commission, two years ago, saw the need to be able to funnel money elsewhere, other than WSU. And so, the Wine Commission set up its own research grant program. The purpose of that was to be able to reach out to the Community Colleges in Washington.”

Which could lead, Hansen says to students moving on to 4-year degrees in research.

Tune in tomorrow for more on Wine Research funding in Washington state.

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