Farm Security Summit

Farm Security Summit

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.

Farmers and Ranchers faced unprecedented struggles last year during the height of the global pandemic. Livestock ranchers were used to biocontrol on their operations, but COVID-19 took things to the extreme. The help better prepare farmers and ranchers, Animal Agriculture Alliance will be holding a virtual summit titled “Obstacles to Opportunities." Organizers call the summit a focus on overcoming obstacles for farm security.

Animal Ag Alliances' Emily Solis says the virtual panelists will touch on any unprecedented challenges that cropped during last year’s pandemic and how farmers can turn those obstacles into prime opportunities in the future.

"Some of those include where we saw some of the challenges from the processing of meat products and we saw some bare shelves earlier in the pandemic, so looking at those obstacles and how to turn them into opportunities for decades to come.

Solis adds the panel will focus on tools farmers or producers can use at any operation, of any size. She adds summit organizers want participants to walk away with the ability to overcome any obstacle…tape

“Just equipping them with whatever they need to feel confident moving forward and feel like they have the tools in their toolbox to really make the most of these obstacles and turn them into opportunities.”

The virtual summit takes place May 5th-6th. For more information on the summit, go to

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