GFVGA Social Media Bootcamp

GFVGA Social Media Bootcamp

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.

Social Media often gets a bad rap, but one great benefit of the platforms is their ability to allow consumers to follow farmers and ranchers around the world to see firsthand what goes on at a farm. The problem is that not every farmer knows how to create a successful social media page, and getting the right tips and tricks can make a huge difference in building a brand and gaining additional customers.

The Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association will be offering a virtual boot camp that will help producers learn how to effectively use social media to get their message out to consumers. This training is for producers who are either starting a new social media strategy or revamping an existing one. The hour-long boot camps start on Tuesday, May 25th with a Social Media 101 discussion. It then continues on Wednesday, May 26th with how to Tell Your Story, and will conclude on Tuesday, June 8th with training on how to discuss Issues in Agriculture. The panels will include industry experts as well as growers that have implemented successful social media stragties.

To register for the boot camp, go to

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