Sustainable Beef Pt 3

Sustainable Beef Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. The beef industry wants to tell its story, the REAL story about all the great things they’ve been doing over the past several decades to improve the way beef is produced and to clear up the false information being pushed in the media.

The fact the U.S. is producing 60% more beef with 60% fewer head of cattle, Cattlemen’s Beef Board Chair Jared Brackett says is only part of the story …

BRACKETT … “Well, it’s not just more production it’s better product. I mean, it you look at what that product was 50 years ago compared to what that product is today, it’s a higher percentage of choice and prime, it’s less select. It’s just a better product all the way around and that’s what our consumers are demanding.”

Those consumers, Brackett says deserve the truth …

BRACKETT … “They’re also demanding that we tell our story. They love our story. So, that fits right into the sustainability deal. You know, we’ve developed programs that basically, they started out as helping producers like Beef Quality Assurance. And, Beef Quality Assurance is now that basic stamp of approval that the consumer can look for to realize that, hey this animal was raised humanely and properly.”

So, Brackett says there’s much to be thankful for …

BRACKETT … “There are things that we’re doing in the beef industry that’s really exciting and it’s nice to finally see some recognition and reward for what we’re doing.”

Brackett says there’s still plenty of work left to be done, but we’re definitely headed in the right direction.

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