Farm Workforce Modernization Act Passed Pt 2

Farm Workforce Modernization Act Passed Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. For the second time in two years, the Farm Workforce Modernization Act has cleared the House of Representatives and is moving on the Senate for their consideration.

Co-Sponsor, Sunnyside Republican Dan Newhouse says the bill should bring some much needed streamlining to our guestworker visa program …

NEWHOUSE … “Making it easier to use, less of a bureaucratic nightmare. You know, a farmer has to go through three, separate federal agencies currently if they want to utilize H-2A, so we’re streamlining that.”

Newhouse says it should also simplify the process for workers too …

NEWHOUSE … “Dealing with the current workforce, providing workers an opportunity to get right with the law, I think that’s huge too. So, it’s hard to say just one thing that I think this accomplishes a lot of good things.”

And, Newhouse says some Senators are already on board …

NEWHOUSE … “I don’t know if it was tweeted out or sent out, there was a press release by Senators Bennett of Colorado and Senator Crapo of Idaho congratulating the House for passage of the bill and saying good things and that they were anxious to begin work in the Senate. So, that’s a great sign I think.”

Newhouse says he’s optimistic …

NEWHOUSE … “I’m just excited that, you know, we’ve gotten it this far. There’s a group of Senators waiting to receive it and begin working on and I think that’s really good step.”

Newhouse says the Senate should begin their work on the Farm Workforce Modernization Act very soon.

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