Farm Workforce Modernization Act Passed Pt 1

Farm Workforce Modernization Act Passed Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Good news from the House of

Representatives as the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, sponsored by Washington Representative Dan Newhouse and California Democrat Zoe Lofgren, that could bring meaningful reforms to the H-2A ag guestworker program, has cleared one hurdle.

Newhouse says seeing it get through the House, for the second time in two years, is a big relief …

NEWHOUSE … “You know Bob, this has been one of my priorities since I came to Congress, if you’ll recall, and I feel very good about the fact that we were able to get it through the House of Representatives, for a second time, with a good, strong bipartisan vote. And, actually, I’m even more optimistic about our chances in the Senate this time.”

Newhouse says there seems to be more support this time around …

NEWHOUSE … “There’s a core group of Senators over there that are waiting for it and are anxious for us to have gotten our bill to them, and so we’re ready to go to work and make this a reality. So, yeah, it’s good news.”

I asked Newhouse if there had been any changes to the bill …

NEWHOUSE … “Yes, there were just some minor things. You know, this is essentially the same bill that passed two years ago with some updates to reflect the pandemic, date changes, but nothing substantial.”

Listen tomorrow for more on the House passage of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act and where it goes from here.

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