What's In Your Fruit Bowl Sweepstakes Pt 2

What's In Your Fruit Bowl Sweepstakes Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. What’s In Your Fruit Bowl? That’s the question asked each year by Pear Bureau Northwest during National Nutrition Month that begins today on March 1st.

The Pear Bureau’s Kathy Stephenson says the social media sweepstakes is looking for the best pictures of your fruit bowls from followers old and new …

STEPHENSON … “Those followers also give us their email address and each month we send out a newsletter with great recipes and tips for eating pears. So, it really contributes to our network and our ability to reach consumers directly about our fruit going forward. So, it’s kind of two-fold, one is to spread the message and one is to gather more folks into our network that we can reach and communicate with year-round.”

Stephenson says last year they picked up 15-thousand new followers …

STEPHENSON … “People can reach it from our website, from our social media. Instagram and Facebook are a good place to start if you’re using those platforms. And, just look for @USAPears.”

And just for sending your picture, Stephenson says you could receive a very special prize …

STEPHENSON … “Join in the competition and it’s a random drawing for a beautiful, hand-made fruit bowl from the Wenatchee growing district. We work with a glass-blower there. And, then you’ll also receive delivery of fresh fruit from all of the participants. So, that should be about four or five shipments of wonderful fruit to your home.”

Besides delicious northwest pears, the other fruits include Mangos, Sunkist citrus, California Avocados, and California raisins.

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