NASA's Deep Space Food Challenge Pt 4

NASA's Deep Space Food Challenge Pt 4

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Up to $500,000 in prizes can be yours for coming up with the best ideas for feeding astronauts on long term missions in NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge.

The competition is open to anyone, but today we’re asking our Ag community for their best ideas for growing or creating food in space.

NASA’s Monsi Roman says you’ve got time to formulate your ideas …

ROMAN … “The registration closes in May. So, the interested people have to register by May. And then, the solutions are due in July.”

And, Roman says this is really open to everybody …

ROMAN … “We really want all the ideas that fit the requirements that we’re asking, we want to make sure that even though growing plants should and probably will be part of the solution that are going to be put in that living pantry.”

Bottom line, Roman says don’t be shy, there are really no bad ideas …

ROMAN … “Truthfully, we want to give the idea that this is about anything that people can think that can provide food that we can keep alive or grow throughout a long-duration mission. So, I know people immediately go into plants and definitely that’s an area that we need to look at, but I know there’s way more things out there also that we should look into.”

If you’ve got what you think might be a great idea for growing food in space, or for more in formation on NASA’s

Deep Space Food Challenge, just go to their website …

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