New Bayer Cotton Trait

New Bayer Cotton Trait

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The USDA recently announced the approval of a novel Bayer cotton trait, which is designed to provide another tool for growers to help combat some of cotton’s most damaging pests. Jon Riley of Bayer Crop Science says ThryvOn™ Technology is a unique option for cotton growers.

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"*We’re very excited to receive the USDA approval for our cotton trait that we plan to bring to market under the ThryvOn™ Technology brand. ThryvOn™ Technology is a unique biotech trait – and the first in the industry. It’s designed to help cotton growers protect against feeding damage from key tarnished plant bugs, like the tarnished plant bug, Western Tarnished Plant Bugs, as well thrip species like the Western flower thrips and tobacco thrips. It can also help reduce insecticidal applications for those pests, and just overall provide growers with more management flexibility in their operations.”*

Riley says ThryvOn™ Technology will be available in limited quantities for this year…tape

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*“Bayer plans to make ThryvOn™ Technology available as a trait stack with Bollgard® 3 ThryvOn™ cotton with XtendFlex® Technology in the Deltapine® brand and select licensees as well. Our early field trials have been extremely positive, and we plan for a stewarded Ground Breakers® introduction with limited volumes of Bollgard® 3 ThryvOn™ cotton with XtendFlex® Technology in select U.S. geographies for 2021.”*

Bayer anticipates a full commercial launch early this decade, pending regulatory approvals and other factors. Riley encourages cotton producers to head online to learn more

You can also contact your local Bayer Crop Science representative for more informaiton.

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