Ag Policy in New Administration Pt 2

Ag Policy in New Administration Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. As Congress resumes under a new administration, ag groups are watching to see how things take shape with new members under a Democratic majority.

Mike Torrey, with Michael Torrey Associates, says it’s no surprise that money will likely be the biggest hurdle to clear in Congress …

TORREY … “I think everybody understands how much has been spent through the Market Facilitation Program payments and also the COVID payments for agriculture, monies they didn’t ask for, but monies that happened as a result of several policies and actions and activities in the last four years, and then with what’s happened with COVID as a whole.”

Next on the list, Torrey says will involve dealing with urban legislators …

TORREY … “And, obstacle two is going to be this balance of social economic policy. Obviously, ag committees are normally focused on commodity programs and hunger programs, but a number of members of Congress have joined the committee from urban areas because of hunger and feeding programs specifically.”

And with a few strong ag voices gone, Torrey says replacing them will be key …

TORREY … “The Democratic Caucus had Collin Peterson who advocated strongly, he’s gone. He was able to get a lot of urban members to come along and that’s gone. So really, for all of us in agriculture, who’s going to be the person who steps up to the plate in that regard.”

Listen tomorrow for more on the what it will take for agriculture’s voice to be heard under the new administration.

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