Ag Labor Solutions Pt 2

Ag Labor Solutions Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Ag groups are ready to take on Congress in the new year with a list of industry needs, topped in one form or another by ag labor reforms.

AmericanHort Senior Vice President Craig Regelbrugge, speaking at the Potato Expo, said they’ll be taking another run at the Farm Workforce Modernization Act …

REGELBRUGGE … “That all said, I mean, I think many of us are disappointed that we were not able to make progress last year after the House passed the landmark bill. I think that we clearly understand, you know, the pandemic began to bear down and the rest quickly became history.”

But there’s also, Regelbrugge says some “cautious” optimism …

REGELBRUGGE … “First of all, looking at the House, the narrower margins that Nancy Pelosi has, the narrower majority, I think creates a little bit of a sense of realism that the wild-eyed progressives, while they might be able hold some thing hostage, they certainly can’t get things done.”

So, our ag leadership in Congress, Regelbrugge says is key …

REGELBRUGGE … “It’s a bit of a reinforcer of moderation and an underscoring of the need for some bipartisan cooperation. We have that, and folks, the people who supported the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, including very importantly, Congressman Dan Newhouse and Congressman Mike Simpson, the folks who passed that bill are back and their interest in seeing a solution hasn’t waned.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on the efforts being made for ag labor reform under a new administration in 2021.

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