Change in Leader for House Ag Committee

Change in Leader for House Ag Committee

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

The House Agriculture Committee will have new leadership in January after Minnesota’s Blue Dog Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson lost his reelection bid.

Peterson has endorsed the second longest-serving member, Representative David Scott of Georgia.

Peterson said he backs Scott's bid for chairman, supporting the "seniority system" and committee members' "rising in the ranks to leadership positions." Peterson also noted that Scott would be the committee's first Black chairman, saying it would be an "important milestone" for Congress.

Congressman Scott is chairman of the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Commodity Exchanges, Energy, and Credit. He has pushed for assistance in reducing the cost of keeping farm operations running.

Scott: “ Fifteen percent of production costs for US farms are tied up in energy costs. By comparison, the average American household spends a little over 2 percent of its budget…. The better a farm operation is able to manage its energy cost, the better it can manage the tough times like we’re seeing clearly today.”

California Congressman Jim Costa, the third-highest ranking member of the committee also wants the job.

Ohio Representative Marcia Fudge’s name was on the list, but she also endorsed Georgia’s, David Scott. Fudge is reportedly under consideration for Secretary of Agriculture in the Biden administration.


A coalition of California farm groups and water districts has asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to appoint Costa as the new chair.

The full Democratic caucus will vote on the recommendations after the new members of Congress have been seated in January.

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