Agritourism Allowed Pt 3

Agritourism Allowed Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. An about face from Governor Jay Inslee will allow fall and winter activities like corn mazes, pumpkin and Christmas tree farms, and other operations to resume under Phase-2 and 3 of his Safe Start regulations.

A thankful Tom Davis, of the Washington Farm Bureau, says this is when they earn a majority of their income …

DAVIS … “This is the time of year, September through December, this is when they make their money. And, so if they miss this opportunity to earn income to pay for their farm, that puts them in dire straits going into next year whether they have the capability to survive.”

It’s not something, Davis says many of them could survive …

DAVIS … “How many of us could go offline for our income flow, for five or six months, or for a paycheck for the entire year, and not face bankruptcy? It’s vital just from an economic sense for these farms.”

I asked Davis if he’s worried the governor might have a change of heart …

DAVIS … “Oh always! Sheesh, from what we’re seeing out of the Governor’s office, very concerned. And, especially if there’s an increase in cases in any of these counties. I think there’s always pressure on the Department of Health, Secretary Wiesman, to step in, and the local health department officials.”

Bottom line, Davis says let’s keep them open …

DAVIS … “I think it’s important that people continue to play it safe and keep those case numbers down so that these farms can continue to operate.”

Farm employees and customers will still be required to cover their faces and maintain social distance.

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