Agritourism Allowed Pt 1

Agritourism Allowed Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Tis’ the season … as five counties, still under Governor Jay Inslee’s Phase-1 for reopening businesses, have been allowed to resume agritourism activities.

Washington Farm Bureau’s Tom Davis says it’s great news that “finally” those farms can once again operate corn mazes, pumpkin picking, and Christmas tree farm operations …

DAVIS … “We’re very thankful for this decision by the Governor, but are flabbergasted by the process and the timing.”

Davis says last week’s announcement could have come sooner for Phase-1 counties …

DAVIS … “Because August 20th was when they made their first dictate, proclamation from the Governor’s office that affected the Phase-2 and 3 counties and that came out completely unworkable. They made a change on August 28th which was much more workable for Phase-2 and 3 county agritourism farms, but it still left those modified Phase-1 counties in dire straits.”

But, Davis says better late than never …

DAVIS … “So, what led to a change of heart by Secretary Wiesman with the Department of Health, I have no idea, but I’m certainly thankful that they reached a right conclusion.”

So, Davis says they’ve got some catching up to do …

DAVIS … “For a business operator, they have to hire employees and up until yesterday, they were told they could not operate a corn maze and now they have to start hiring their employees that they would have hired probably a month ago to get them lined up, ready for this season.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on agritourism in Washington state and why it was crucial for so many family businesses.

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