Bayer Wheat

Bayer Wheat

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
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Regional Account Manager Bayer U.S.- Crop Science

What high-performance products can growers utilize to ensure a successful season?

Group 15 Herbicides:

                                                               i.      For growers in the PNW, a good practice would be to apply a Group 15 in the fall, which includes Axiom® DF Herbicide, to help set up your spring spray for success as resistance becomes more prevalent.

The use of this herbicide as part of an IWM plan can help pre- and post-herbicide products, such as Olympus® Herbicide or Osprey® XTRA Herbicide, perform better in the spring due to less weeds, reduced size of survivors and less robust root systems.

Winter wheat, planted in September and October, may benefit from being treated with the Group 15 herbicides and then wait for moisture in the spring to come. 

Seed Selection & Treatment:

                                                               i.      Growers can leverage strong genetics, high yield potential and excellent protein potential with new, certified seed from WestBred® wheat.

                                                             ii.      Growers will want to protect their seed investment with a seed treatment, such as EverGol Energy® or Gaucho®. 

Integrated Weed Management (IWM):

                                                               i.      Pre-Herbicides

RT3® or Roundup® PowerMax herbicides can help eliminate competition for nutrients and sunlight.

Olympus® wheat herbicide is a cost-efficient, effective power-up herbicide for grass control that also helps growers start with clean fields and finish strong.

                                                             ii.      Post-Herbicides

Powered by multiple sites-of-action (SOAs), Huskie® herbicide effectively controls a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds, including tough-to-control weeds. 

Huskie® makes an excellent tank-mix partner and a strong foundation for multiple SOAs with several grass herbicides. 

Keep your crop choices open with the rotational flexibility of Osprey® XTRA herbicide and gain control over tough grassy weeds in your winter wheat. Osprey XTRA provides control of Group 1 resistant grasses in one pass.

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