Ag World Golf Classic 2020 Pt 3

Ag World Golf Classic 2020 Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. The Ag World Golf Classic will go on, August 13th in Moses Lake, despite the pandemic and the loss of the Classic’s founder.

Ag World Support Systems President Bryan Henninger says the format will look a bit different due to the pandemic, but his dad Warren would want it to continue …

HENNINGER … “It’s hard to believe that that’s reality, but my dad had an accident and passed away about two month ago and this is something that we’re honored to continue on in his legacy of giving back.”

That legacy, Henninger says is one they want to honor …

HENNINGER … “Both my mom, Judy, and my sister, Melanie Finch and I, along with our company, Ag World Support Systems, are excited to be able to continue doing something that dad started and really as a way to bring the agricultural community of the Columbia Basin together to support a good cause in the Ronald McDonald House Charities.”

And if you’re interested in signing up, Henninger says there’s still room …

HENNINGER … “The easiest way is to got to, agworld golf dot com, and you can register there and fill out all the needed information. The other thing is, you can call Melanie and visit with her directly and that phone number is also on the website.”

Henninger says keep in mind, the Kennewick half of the tournament has been canceled, BUT at this point, the Moses Lake half is set for August 13th.

Go to for more information, to sign up or to be a sponsor.

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