WA St Dairy Federation on Coronavirus Pt 4

WA St Dairy Federation on Coronavirus Pt 4

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. The coronavirus pandemic has shut down much of the nation’s business, but agriculture is an “essential” industry as farmers and ranchers’ soldier on.

Dan Wood, Executive Director of the Washington State Dairy Federation, says dairy was struggling before COVID-19, but they’re doing what they can to survive …

WOOD … “We’ve had milk prices down for many years, much longer than the normal cycle, and they’re just holding on. They’re trying to keep their employees going. If they can’t, if an employee chooses not to work, they’re trying to take care of the farm with family and cut unnecessary expenses. So, there will be survivors and there will be casualties.”

Wood says there’s one thing that makes dairy a bit unique …

WOOD … “You know, dairy never quits. It’s a 24-7 operation. There is not a harvest season and a planting season. Harvesting is year-round and you cannot just decide not to plant. You cannot decide to turn off production. It has to keep going and that makes it particularly volatile.”

So, Wood says if you need more dairy products, you’re in luck …

WOOD … “I think it’s easier to find a gallon of milk than it is a package of toilet paper right now, and folks, the cheese, the yogurts, the cottage cheese, the milk, butter, it’s all good, healthy products and people should be doing everything they can to boost their health.”

Wood says if dairy is what you eat, go ahead and stock up. There will be more than enough on store shelves.

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