Colorado Hay Report

Colorado Hay Report

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett
Colorado Hay Report

Compared to last week, trade activity light on moderate demand.

Heath Dewey has the Colorado Hay Report from the USDA in Greeley

According to the U.S Drought Monitor’s High Plains Summary, little or no precipitation was recorded, although scattered light totals occurred in parts of the northern and central Rockies. The past 30-days have been drier than normal, but January and February precipitation climatologies are normally dry, and temperatures have been below normal the past 2


Northeast Colorado Areas

Alfalfa Large Squares: Supreme 240.00. Good 160.00. Utility 135.00.

21-Bale Bundle: Premium/Supreme 345.00 (9.50 per bale), Retail/Stable.


Small Squares: Premium 290.00 (8.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.

Grass Small Squares: Premium 335.00-345.00 (9.50-10.00 per bale),


Good 300.00 (8.50 per bale), Retail/Stable.

Southeast Colorado Areas

Alfalfa Mid Squares: Good 200.00, Retail/Stable.

Small Squares: Premium 240.00 (8.00 per bale).

Grass Mid Squares: Premium 242.50, Retail/Stable.

Small Squares: Premium 275.00-315.00 (9.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.

Triticale Mid Squares: Good 160.00.

San Luis Valley Areas

Alfalfa Large Squares: Good 180.00.

Triticale Large Squares: Good 150.00.

Southwest Colorado Areas

Orchard Grass Mix 95# 3-tie: Premium 335.00 (16.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.

Mountains and Northwest Colorado Areas

Grass Small Squares: Good/Premium 255.00 (7.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.

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