Congressional Wine Caucus Pt 2

Congressional Wine Caucus Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. The Congressional Wine Caucus is hell-bent on educating their colleagues about the wine industry and what makes it tick.

Sunnyside Republican Dan Newhouse is Caucus Co-Chair and says the wine industry has to deal with some of the same issues as other crops like tariffs and different trade markets …

NEWHOUSE … “That, and some of the tax issues or there’s always things like that that are important to, particularly our small producers.”

Other concerns, Newhouse says are research related …

NEWHOUSE … “Making sure that our public universities have the resources to focus on some of the research projects that keep our wine industry on the cutting edge and able to be successful, not only in their production, but also being able to have the quality of plants and disease and pesticide tools that they need in order to grow the crops.”

And, Newhouse says, they’ve been pretty successful at getting the word out …

NEWHOUSE … “There’s a lot of things, I think have been very constructive and helpful that we’ve been able to help other members of Congress understand and will continue to do that.”

All and all, Newhouse says it’s an honor …

NEWHOUSE … “I’m very excited about the opportunity to have this platform to be able to promote not only the U.S. wine industry, but certainly the wine industry that we have in the state of Washington.”

Newhouse says as the wine community grows, he’ll continue to advocate for the industry.

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