Apple Varieties Pt 2

Apple Varieties Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Do we have too many apple varieties to choose from on the produce aisle? As demand levels off, that’s what some industry leaders are saying.

But, Washington Apple Commission president Todd Fryhover says growers here are always exploring, looking for something better …

FRYHOVER … “So, those are the major attributes and I would also suggest that our growers are fairly aggressive. I mean, they’re interested in trying new things and, whether it’s a variety or a planting methodology or whatever it is, there’s also this need to try and get better and look for the next best apple.”

But, Fryhover says that leads to the question of too many choices …

FRYHOVER … “I think that’s the case. I think the U.S. domestic consumer is sending a message and that was the premise of the Kroger and the REW Group conversation, you know, that there’s just too much space, you know, there’s just too much confusion, there’s too many package types.”

So, would simplification be the answer for apples? …

FRYHOVER … “And, in addition, and this really drives, I think, the retailer more than anything is, you know, the profitability at retail, which drives the produce section, is not in a positive way for the apple category. So, if we are to drop back and become more focused at retail, there’s more opportunity for retailers to make more money.”

Fryhover says at this point demand for organic apples is expected to level off somewhere between 15-and-20% of production.

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