L'Ecole Winery Top 100 Pt 2

L'Ecole Winery Top 100 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. It would be an honor to be named one of the Top 100 wineries in Washington state, but Wine & Spirits Magazine has named Walla Walla’s L’Ecole winery as one of the Top 100 wineries … in the world!

General Manager Constance Savage says the foundation for great wine was laid by owner Marty Clubb 35 years ago that is carried on today with the help of winemaker Mike Sharon …

SAVAGE … “So, he and Marty have been working side by side all these years so they really kind of are able to communicate almost in a shorthand and they know exactly what to do with our fruit and how we make each wine so it’s a consistent approach to winemaking and because Washington state has such healthy, unbelievably beautiful growing conditions and healthy fruit, they can just do a very artisanal approach.”

Savage says Washington state has a well-earned reputation for quality wines …

SAVAGE … “Things like the Top 100 Wine & Spirits award with us, Delille and some others, it’s a big stamp of approval to say that these are world-class, this is a world-class growing region and we’re really happy as L’Ecole to be at the forefront of just helping to continue to grow acceptance and basically what people expect of the wines from Washington. They are top world-class wines.”

Savage says she’s proud to be part of the L’Ecole team …

SAVAGE … “L’Ecole’s a pioneering winery and that’s an important part, I think, of our success has just been starting early and doing the right things. Marty Clubb made a lot of good decisions all these past 35 years.”

The Top 100 honor comes on the heels of Marty Clubb and Mike Sharon being named Winemakers of the Year by Seattle Magazine.

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