Cosmic Crisp Launch Pt 2

Cosmic Crisp Launch Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson

With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. We are drawing very near to the what could be the biggest apple launch maybe ever. The highly-anticipated Cosmic Crisp is expected to hit store shelves December 1st.

Proprietary Variety Management Marketing Director Kathryn Grandy says the Cosmic Crisp will be STORED for a month or two after harvest begins and will come in waves after that with the second and third leaf ...

GRANDY ... "Third and second all have to meet quality standards, of course, with color and defect-free and things like that, but it raises our volume. And so, this first year, first season we're looking at 467-thousand boxes which has raised from 180-some-odd-thousand."

But don't worry, Grandy says, there will be more ...

GRANDY ... "In 2020 we have 2-million-95-thousand boxes of apples. So, the volume is really accelerating. And then 2021 it's 5.6-million boxes, but it takes a lot of an apple to cover our retail market nationally and 12-months a year."

So, she says this first year will be lighter, but constant ...

GRANDY ... "We're very excited about it and I think in this case people have mentioned that they're concerned about volume, but I think we have to have critical mass in order to cover the market."

Grandy says it's an excellent apple in almost every way and consumers will want it.

Listen tomorrow for more on this year's launch of the Cosmic Crisp and some surprising bonuses it brings.

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