Trump Talks Ag Trade Pt 2

Trump Talks Ag Trade Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. President Trump is eagerly anticipating his meeting with China's President Xi Jin Ping next month at the G-20 Summit and expects they'll be ready to negotiate.

But, Trump says if it happens, great, but if not, our economy is booming ...

TRUMP ... "For years farm income has declined, and we're talking about many years. This year, however, and I was a little surprised to this because I know that there's been really a trade attack on our great farmers. Net farm income, because our economy is doing so well, is forecast to be nearly $8-billion higher than in 2016. Did you know that?"

The President says, it was a surprise to him ...

TRUMP ... "You're doing better than you were doing in 2016. Nobody told me that. But, that's because our economy has been so strong. Our economy is about as good as its ever been, maybe better than its ever been. And, the agricultural exports are expected to be $10-billion more than in 2016. That's not bad. You've done a good job."

As a result, he says many companies are seeing the benefits

of moving their operations back to the U.S. to avoid things like tariffs ...

TRUMP ... "You don't have to pay, by the way, tariffs for companies when they move into the United States. You move into the United States, it's very simple business, there are no tariffs to pay and many companies are already planning to move back to the United States or to move to the United States for the first time so they don't have to pay the 25% tariff."

In the meantime, he says getting the USMCA ratified would be a huge relief to farmers and ranchers.

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