Skagit Valley Potatoes Pt 1

Skagit Valley Potatoes Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. If you're a big fan of red, gold, purple, white or fingerling potatoes, Skagit County is the place for you. That's where so many of those are grown.

And, with the 2019 planting season nearly complete, I gave Skagit Valley Farm CEO Tony Wisdom a call to find out how things are going ...

WISDOM ... "I would say, in general, the planting of Skagit potatoes. Our companies are probably a little ahead of normal. We're essentially done with our planting. We would be right on schedule, but, you know, I think nobody's worked on Sunday for several weeks and we haven't really been pushing it. We've just been kind of moving along just fine."

Wisdom says it doesn't get much better ...

WISDOM ... "It's actually been an excellent planting season. We had a beautiful March of course, or last half of March. Then it kind of got weird for a couple of weeks, but then when it broke, it's been really good, pretty smooth sailing really I think for everybody here. So, I think everybody's feeling pretty good and on schedule. I don't sense any panic in anyone at all."

So, the big February snow didn't slow you down?

WISDOM ... "No, not really, no. I mean, it was pretty well all gone you know by the middle of March and then we were good to go after that. And then we had a kind of crappy, what, seven to ten day window in April, but after that it's been just great."

Listen tomorrow for more on Skagit Potatoes and what impact the trade war and tariffs is having on them.

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