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Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. If you haven't discovered it yet, there's a new website designed to answer questions farmers may have about their farm loans.

It's called AND if you're a farmer who uses H-2A employees to get things done, there's another great reason to check out the website ...

NEWHOUSE ... "Yeah, I was really happy to see that Sonny Perdue and the Agriculture Department is moving forward with this idea of a portal to improve the navigation on the part of those using it, farmers of the H-2A process."

U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse says it should really help make things less complicated ...

NEWHOUSE ... "Certainly, there's been a need of this, illustrated by people in our state, and so, we have through the legislative process directed the agency to do these kinds of things."

Newhouse says he's been pushing for something like this ...

NEWHOUSE ... "I had an amendment last year in the appropriations bill 2018 directing them to streamline the H-2A program and this was one of the things that part of that idea to ask them to consider doing."

And, Newhouse says may boost participation ...

NEWHOUSE ... "I'm glad that they were able to get this up and running and I'm hopeful that it will actually provide the assistance and the ease of the navigation of the H-2A process that many farmers have said to me is tremendously complicated and this would simplify that process."

Newhouse says the administration is also working to streamline H-2A advertising and implement farm labor housing eligibility updates directed by his amendment to the appropriations bill of 2018.

He says is the latest example of the Trump administration's commitment to modernize the H-2A program for our nation's farmers and ag producers.

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