USMCA Ratification Pt 1

USMCA Ratification Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. The government shutdown is all over the news lately with everyone worried about everything from federal employees getting paid to the different agencies that aren't working while the stalemate continues.

I asked U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse if the shutdown is having any impact on ratification of the NAFTA replacement, the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement or USMCA ...

NEWHOUSE ... "There's a clock ticking on that. Honestly, the shutdown issue, I don't really think it has direct impact on ratification of the USMCA."

Newhouse says the work on getting the trade pact ratified is ongoing ...

NEWHOUSE ... "Discussions are happening about that. In fact, I was at a meeting yesterday Dr. Peter Navarro from the White House. He's a trade assistant to the President, talking about the USMCA. So, there's outreach by the administration to familiarize members of Congress with the new pact."

But, with producers around the country looking for some GOOD trade news, is it a priority?

NEWHOUSE ... "I would agree with you that it's a significant action that needs to be taken. We depend a lot on our neighbors to the north and to the south for trade in the state of Washington. So, I'm anxious to get ratification and hope that we can do so."

Listen tomorrow for more on ratification of the USMCA and how a change in House leadership may or may not impact its likelihood.

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