Women In Agriculture Conference Pt 2

Women In Agriculture Conference Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. 35 locations in five states! That's how convenient it is to attend the seventh annual Women in Agriculture Conference next Saturday, October 27th.

Margaret Viebrock, director of WSU's Chelan and Douglas county Extension Office, says it's for the growing number of women in agriculture ...

VIEBROCK ... "In Washington state, the Ag Statistics, which are a little bit older now, we're waiting for the new statistics to come out, but the old ones show that about 33% of the farms in Washington state are owned or operated by women."

She says this year's theme, "Pump Up Your Financial Fitness" is important ...

VIEBROCK ... "By coming to this conference, learning how to do a cash flow, they'll be all set to go before the end of the year, to figure out what they can afford next year, when the money's coming in, when the money's going out, how they might have to apply for a farm loan, or what ever direction they're going to take, and look at those months when there's going to be a shortage, when they're going to be spending their money. So, it's a panoramic view over the whole year of how their cash flow is going to work."

Viebrock says there's still time to register ...

VIEBROCK ... "I think this is a very important conference for women involved in ag. Many of the comments we get afterwards indicate to us that this is the main conference that they go to because when they leave, there's always some very practical information that they could put into place as soon as they get home."

Go to http://womeninag.wsu.edu/ to learn more.

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