Washington Wine Month Pt 2

Washington Wine Month Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. Not that you really need a good reason to enjoy any number of Washington's fabulous wines, but August is Wine Month across the state ...

BRADSHAW ... "August has been Washington State Wine Month for, I want to say, about 10 years. And, actually, the governor back then pronounced it as Washington State Wine Month and so we've just been celebrating August as Washington State Wine Month for about a decade now. And, it also coincides with the Auction of Washington Wines, which just happened and they had a really successful auction."

Washington State Wine Commission's Heather Bradshaw says this state's wine community has earned it's place at the table ...

BRADSHAW ... "We feel like, it's our time. It's Washington's time to really shine and take that spotlight. We've proven that we are a real industry, a real force here in Washington. We have almost a thousand wineries now, over 55-thousand acres of wine grapes. Our wine quality stands up to anybody in the world and it's time that we take an approach to let more people know."

But, Bradshaw says the number one message they want to share during Washington Wine Month?

BRADSHAW ... "Washington State is the New Epicenter of Wine. If you haven't tried it, please try it and if you're from Washington, sip local. We have so many different varieties here in Washington for you to try, all different price points and they're all fantastic. So, sip local and try your local wine."

For more information on Washington Wine Month just go to www.winemonth.org or www.washingtonwine.org .

You can also participate in #WAWineMonth by interacting with @Wa_State_Wine on social media.

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BL: Welcome back to another "Fruit Bites" brought to you by Valent U.S.A. With us again is Valent's Allison Walston. And this week Allison, let's talk about EntVocate 18.

AW: #EntVocate18 for the first insect week, created by the Entomological Society of America, which I'm a member. It's a chance to advocate to DC for evidence-based decision making and the science of entomology!

BL: Be nice, but why should we care about insects?

AW: You should care because insects transmit diseases to plants and humans, like Zika and west Nile. More people die from mosquito transmitted diseases than shark attacks.

BL: So, insect week is suddenly scarier than shark week?

AW: Yes! Not only diseases but bedbugs, oranges are dying from an insect transmitted disease. Entomologists work on pests that threaten our health, food supply and economic security.

BL: But, why the week of August 19th?

AW: It includes National honeybee day on the 18th and World mosquito day on the 20th.

BL: Well I won't let it "bug" me, thanks Allison. Join us again next time for Fruit Bites, brought to you by Valent. Until then, I'm Bob Larson.



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