Pear Estimates for 2018 Pt 1

Pear Estimates for 2018 Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. Northwest pear growers are expecting a very large crop this year ... according to industry estimates released this week.

Kathy Stephenson, with Pear Bureau Northwest, says pear grower estimates for the upcoming season look just great ...

STEPHENSON ... "It does look like a good, strong crop. And, we've had terrific conditions and all of our trees seem to be doing exactly what we'd hoped for them."

Stephenson says data from Washington's Wenatchee and Yakima districts along with Oregon's Mid-Columbia and Medford districts show what amounts to the fourth largest crop ever ...

STEPHENSON ... "We're really excited. We've got a large crop across all of the different varieties. We see Bartlett's are probably a record Bartlett crop this year which is really exciting for us because everybody loves a good Bartlett. And, a couple other varieties are looking like they're very strong, as well as our organic crop has also grown significantly, up to 10%. So, that's a little higher than our original estimate, which comes out in June. So, everything's looking great for a wonderful, marketable crop for pears across the country and around the world."

Stephenson says the weather was really cooperative this year ...

STEPHENSON ... "You know, those blossoms come on and it's a time where we have to stay as long as they need to to get that pear started and then, sometimes, depending on the conditions, if it gets too hot early with those little pears, some of them will drop. And, those things were perfect this year. Everything worked great."

Tune in tomorrow for more on this year's Pear estimates and how trade impacts their markets.

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