Cherry Tariffs Pt 1

Cherry Tariffs Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. TPP, NAFTA, and tariffs ... all stir emotions for growers in the U.S. worried what their trade prospects are for the year ahead, and beyond.

Northwest Cherry Growers president BJ Thurlby says these are interesting times for the cherry industry, to say the least ...

THURLBY ... "You know, we've a couple issues pop up with China and the tariffs and issues like that which has been frustrating to our growers, but I think we're working through those. I think that China, which is our largest export market, is going to be open. There's going to be an added tariff, but we're still going to be able to get fruit in there and we think we're going to sell a lot. So, right now we're being very positive."

Thurlby says the tariffs are a challenge, but still manageable ...

THURLBY ... "We already had a 23% tariff in China and then they've added 15% more so now we're at 38%. So, that just adds costs to the consumer over in China and when you have a billion people you just need the middle class over there to kind of help out and luckily there's a sizable group across China that will buy the fruit."

He says it's all a matter of perspective for consumers ...

THURLBY ... "You know, here in the states we see a good ad and we see it's at $2.99 a pound and in China a good ad is $7.99 a pound. So, those ads this year might be $8.99 a pound for the Chinese."

Thurlby says fortunately the Chinese love our cherries ...

THURLBY ... "Oh, they love cherries! They're iconic. They're an iconic fruit in China. It's been a great market for us."

Listen tomorrow for the timing of trade troubles and what it might mean for West Coast growers.


BL: Welcome back to another Fruit Bites brought to you by Valent USA. Joining us again is Valent's Allison Walston and this week we're breaking down bees and a new Twitter campaign (#know your wild bees)

AW: So, I've mentioned before about solitary bees/native bees/American wild bees and how important they are along with honey bees and bumble bees, but now there's a campaign on Twitter to #know your wild bees and we're going to share some of the 25 facts. Bob, you're up ...

BL: (Fact #1)Wild bees produce no honey. [That's probably why they were never domesticated]

AW: (Fact #10) Only 1% of wild bees are NOT native, for now. Remember the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle?

BL: (Fact #11) Males do not help females...EVER.

AW: (Fact #16) most females are single moms who seal their children in cells and never return

BL: (Fact #3) Carpenter bees have the worlds largest insect egg

AW: (Fact #6) 10% of the 4000 species haven't even been given names.

BL: Well, thanks Allison, but I think we'll have to come up with some names if we're going to save them. Join us again next time for another Fruit Bites, brought to you by Valent.

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