Apple Tariffs Pt 2

Apple Tariffs Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. We talked yesterday about the 20% tariff recently slapped on U.S. apples by Mexico in retaliation for President Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs. Washington apple growers have already sold 80% of the current 2017 crop and are hoping a resolution is found before the 2018 crop hits the market.

But tariffs aside, Washington Apple Commission president

Todd Fryhover says this year's crop looks to be outstanding ...

FRYHOVER ... "The weather's been absolutely perfect on the 2018 crop. You know, we had very little damage through the Winter. Our frost season didn't really exist, so to speak. There was you know a hail storm here and there, which is actually kind of normal for our industry. So, we're looking at a good quality crop for 2018."

He says it should at least be a little better than last year ...

FRYHOVER ... "I think the sizing will be improved over last year just because we did have smaller sizing. So, we're very optimistic on the fruit quality, but also the varietal diversification as well."

And that term 'varietal diversification' reminds many apple lovers of the much-anticipated Cosmic Crisp ...

FRYHOVER ... "From the information that I have, which comes from Proprietary Variety Management, it looks like 2019 is the first year that we have any real commercial volume. We're looking at 200,000 equivalent cartons available in 2019, but I'm there will be a very limited availability in 2018."

But, Fryhover says if you get a chance to buy Cosmic Crisp, grab some because they're delicious and store terrifically.

Fryhover says we export a third of our apples, so as we approach this new crop, a return to a zero tariff would be beneficial to our industry.

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