WPC Farm to Free Market Dinner

WPC Farm to Free Market Dinner

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. The state's Agriculture Community is headed to the Tri Cities to talk over the issues that matter.

It's the Washington Policy Center's first-ever "Farm to Free Market" Ag policy dinner. Ag Research Director, Madi Clark says the event marks the first year of its newest research arm ...

MADI CLARK ... "We launched it in May and thought that this would be a great opportunity to hold an event in Eastern Washington for the Tri Cities, but focus on this new project we're working on. We hope to make it an annual event where we focus on what agricultural policy is doing to Washington State from both the federal level and the state level. So, it's to celebrate our one year anniversary, but also to talk about the ag policy that actually matters for Washington State."

Clark says Representative Dan Newhouse will be on hand to address important Ag policies ...

MADI CLARK ... "We will be hearing from Representative Newhouse. We will also have an opportunity to hear from myself and also our Environmental Center Director and we'll be talking about the ag issues that are effecting Washington State and then we'll have a question and answer time with the Representative. So, we can talk about, but also hear from the stakeholders of what the actual issues are that they're facing and what their concerns are coming into 2017 and beyond."

The Farm to Free Market dinner will be held at the Pasco Red Lion Monday evening at 5:30 and you can register at Washington Policy Dot Org.

The event is Co-presented by the Washington State Farm Bureau, the Washington Association of Wheat Growers, the Washington Tree Fruit Association.

Sponsors include the Farm Bureau & TRICO

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