Potato Conference for Washington and Oregon

Potato Conference for Washington and Oregon

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. The Washington Oregon Potato Conference was held in the Tri Cities last month, bringing together a wide collection of potato industry folks.

The Ag Information Network's Tommy Allen was there and talked with BASF Rep Tye Schauck about their latest fungicide ...

TYE SCHAUCK ... "Yeah, Priaxor is one of our newer fungicides for the potato market. It has two active ingredients and it fits in a few different places. It can be applied early on at planting and furrow to control soil-borne diseases such as Rhizoctonia. Then we can always come back later with a foliar application, pretty early in the rosette stage, to effectively control Black-Dot."

Schauck says Priaxor isn't as good for late blight ...

TYE SCHAUCK ... "Priaxor doesn't have much activity on late blight. It does offer some suppression, but in the event of a late blight outbreak or if the weather is becoming favorable for late blight, we have another product called Forum which is a late blight specialist, which is very effective."

Schauck says it works best early on ...

TYE SCHAUCK ... "Priaxor is mainly for Rhizoc and for Black-Dot and early foliar applications. Then it does have a fair amount of early blight activity too, when applied around the row closure growth stage."

The Washington Oregon Potato Conference was held at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick.

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