Farmacology Provides Growers Value for Seed Investment

Farmacology Provides Growers Value for Seed Investment

Legend Seeds is the only company in the industry to offer Farmacology®, a collection of resources, and tools aimed at helping dealers and growers achieve the most value for their seed investment, from choosing the right seed for their fields to providing support throughout the growing season.

Legend Seed's Marketing & Communications Lead Jenny Wolff shares additional benefits of Legend's amazing technology

Wolff: "There is the physical equipment which is a dual-hybrid planter and then the computer software which allowed us to write a prescription seeding plan which tells the planter where to place the seeds and that is called the Legend Edge and that is part of our proprietary program and it is actually available for free for any of our customers."

Besides being able to craft amazing crop art, more importantly Wolffe explains

Wolffe: "What we really want to demonstrate with this technology is how accurate it is for identifying which areas of the field is most productive and then making sure that the right seed gets planted in that area. So with multi-hybrid planting and the mapping program that we have, it allows the growers to plant offensive varieties for high-productivity soil and defensive varieties for low-productivity soil. So it use to be that growers would have pick which hybrid would do the best in the field on average and only plant one. This technology allows them to plant two hybrids based on which one will perform better in a certain area of that field."

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