Early Present, More Rain & COOL Fallout

Early Present, More Rain & COOL Fallout

Early Present, More Rain & COOL Fallout. I'm Greg Martin with today's Northwest Report.

Great news for fishermen in the northwest! A release of stored water from reservoirs in the region have helped young salmon to migrate to the ocean and assisted adult salmon to get home to spawning grounds. Bonneville Dam reports that about 2.3 million mature salmon were counted as they passed through which is the second largest count on record. In addition, a record number of fall chinook salmon went past McNary Dam, more than 456-thousand. Earlier this year, the low water levels and warm temperatures took their toll on endangered Snake River sockeye.

Fallout has been swift and decisive over the WTO retaliations for Country of Origin Labelling decision. Agriculture Secretary Vilsack said that the WTO ruling giving Canada and Mexico authority to impose penalties on U.S. products because of the U.S. Country of Origin rules, puts the ball clearly in the Congressional court.

VILSACK: They can focus on the provisions of COOL that actually created the retaliation without necessarily eliminating all aspects of COOL, some of which people actually like and are benefitting producers without necessarily violating WTO rules and regulations.

More rain is expect in the northwest through the weekend. Many areas have seen so much water that flooding has been an issue. Good news is that there has been quite a bit of snow falling in the mountains with the hope that the temperatures will stay down enough to retain that snow through the winter months and help relieve drought conditions.

That's today's Northwest Report. I'm Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network of the West.

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